Forest Fire in the American Southwest
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News Archives—April 2003

April 30 2003 Wildfire Debate Sweeps Through Congress -- Environmental News
Fire bill gets flack from conservationists -- McClatchy Newspapers
Governor: Politics not answer to forest crisis -- East Valley Tribune
April 29 2003 Wildfire fight roaring in Congress -- Vail Daily
  Sweeping reform looks unlikely -- East Valley Tribune
Logging industry on verge of extinction -- East Valley Tribune
Napolitano’s fire action plan sidesteps controversy -- East Valley Tribune
April 28 2003 Environmental groups criticize each other -- East Valley Tribune
Wildfire prevention blocked by confusion and blame -- East Valley Tribune
Environmental clashes help raise big bucks -- East Valley Tribune
Lawsuits stall forest thinning -- East Valley Tribune
April 27 2003 New bill to allow 1,000-acre clearcuts -- Associated Press
Bark beetles produce newest fire threat -- East Valley Tribune
This year's wildfire season could be even worse -- East Valley Tribune
April 26 2003 GOP introduces wildfire bill -- Casper (WY) Star-Tribune
April 22 2003 Blame misplaced in Forest Appeals? -- Arizona Daily Sun
April 19 2003 White House accused of pushing friendly suits -- Associated Press
Forests are on piñons, needles -- Rocky Mountain News
Colorado prepares for tough fire season -- Associated Press
April 18 2003 Colorado Governor frees $1.6 million to address '03 wildfire threat -- Denver Post
Colorado gearing up for season of flames -- Rocky Mountain News
April 17 2003 Researchers caught in political crossfire -- Associated Press
Kachina thinning plan could start in summer -- Arizona Daily Sun
April 16 2003 State to allow environmentalists to bid for land leases -- Associated Press
April 15 2003 Garfield County, CO development must be more fire resistant in future --
Deep snow delays planned blazes -- Denver Post
April 11 2003 New budget leaves out increase for wildfire prevention -- Associated Press
Governor delivers plan for forests -- Arizona Republic
April 10 2003 In New Mexico, support for Endangered Species Act Is drying up --
New Wildfire-detection research will pinpoint small fires from 10,000 feet -- Science Daily
April 9 2003 Time expires on thinning appeals -- Arizona Daily Sun
Bark Beetle Wiping Out Trees -- KSL News-Denver
April 6 2003 Euphemisms disguise the truth -- Natural Resources Defense Council
First wildfire hits state -- Alamagordo Daily News
April 4 2003 Forecast so far: Normal fire season -- Arizona Daily Sun
House Dems propose bill to reduce wildfire risk -- Associated Press

Last updated June 27, 2003

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