Forest Fire in the American Southwest
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American Indian Use of Fire in Ecosystems –

Annotated bibliography: fuel treatments and fire behavior –

Apache-Sitgreaves Forest Fires –

Arizona FireWise Communities –

Arizona Forest Health –

Arizona Interagency Wildfire Prevention and Information Group –

Arizona State Land Department Fire Management Division –

An Assessment of Forest Ecosystem Health in the Southwest –

Bark Beetle Infestation in the Prescott National Forest –

Bark Beetles: University of Arizona FAQ –

Bark Beetles: UC Pest Management Guidelines –

Bureau of Land Management Arizona Fire Management Program –

BLM New Mexico Wildland Fire Information –

Center for Biological Diversity Rodeo-Chedeski Fire Fact Sheet –

Changed Southwestern forests: resource effects and management remedies –

Changes in the Biota of the Colorado Plateau –

City of Prescott Bark Beetle FAQ –

Coconino National Forest Fire Page –

Colorado State University Fire Fact Sheets –

Coarse-scale spatial data for wildland fire and fuel management.

A comprehensive bibliography on fire –

Ecology of Southwestern Ponderosa Pine Forests –

Fire and avian ecology in North America –

Fire and Fire Surrogate Treatments for Ecosystem Restoration –

Fire Ecology Database – Tall Timbers Research Station –

Fire-Southern Oscillation relations in the Southwestern United States –

Fire Scar Histories –

Fire Sciences Lab (Intermountain Research Station-Missoula, MT) –

FireNet (International Fire Information) – –

The "Flagstaff Plan" for Ecological Restoration –

Flagstaff Wildland-Urban Interface Treatment Prescription –

Forest Composition and Structure on the Colorado Plateau –

Forest Conservation Council –

Forest History Society –

Forest Service Fire Management Today –

Forest Service Rocky Mountain Area Fire and Aviation Management –

Forest Service Southwest Area Wildland Fire Operations –

Glossary of Fire Terms –

Grand Canyon National Park Fire Information –

Greater Flagstaff Forests Partnership –

Greater Flagstaff Forests Partnership Research Reference Guide –

Hayman Fire Incident Information –

High Country News Fire Article Archive –

History of Degradation of Southwestern Ponderosa Pine Forests –

Index to Wildland Fire WWW catalog –

International Association of Wildland Fire Catalog –

Joint Fire Sciences Program –

Landscape Changes in the Southwestern United States: Techniques, Long-term Data Sets, and Trends –

Living with fire: A guide for the homeowner –

Merriam-Powell Forest Health Program –

Mesoscale Ecological Responses to Climatic Variability in the American Southwest –

NASA – Earth Observatory – Global Fire Monitoring –

National Fire Fighter Corp. – source)

National Fire Plan –

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) –

National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC) –

NIFC Fire Maps –

NIFC Seasonal Wildland Fire Outlook –

National Forest Protection Alliance –

National Interagency Fire Center –

National Park Service Fire and Aviation Management –

National Park Service Fire Science and Resource Management –

National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG) –

Native American Use of Fire –

Natural Resources Canada, Fire Research Network –

New Mexico Wildland Fire Information –

New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Service –

Northern Arizona University School of Forestry Forest Health Program –

Northern Prairie Publications Database – Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Centerv – and

Parks Canada – Fire in Canada's National Parks –

Photos of 50 Years of Stand Replacement Wildfire –

Ponderosa Pine Fire Ecology on the Colorado Plateau –

Protecting your home from wildfire –

Reintroduction of Fire to Forest Ecosystems on the Colorado Plateau –

Restoring Ecosystem Health in Ponderosa Pine Forests of the Southwest –

Rodeo-Chedeski Fire Photos –

Runaway Inferno-Arizona's 2002 Wildfire Season –

Short List of References for Ecological Monitoring –

Southwest Area Wildland Fire Operations – (includes fire restrictions)

Southwest Colorado Fire Information Clearinghouse –

Southwest Forest Alliance –

Southwest Region's Fire Plan –

Southwest Region's Wildland Urban Interface –

Sparky the Firedog's Homepage –

Stephen J. Pyne on Fire –

Temperate Forest Foundation –

Tall Timbers Research Station –

Tall Timbers Research Station Fire Ecology Database –

The International Association of Wildland Fire –

The Nature Conservancy – National Fire Management Program –

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service – Fire Management –

USDA Forest Service – Fire and Aviation –

USDA Forest Service – Fire Effects Information System –

USDI-USDA Joint Fire Science Program –

USGS Wildland Fire Research –

Western Fire Ecology Center –

Where Have All the Grasslands Gone?: Fire and Vegetation Change in Northern New Mexico –

Wildfire Central (The Wilderness Society) –

Wildfire History and Ecology on the Colorado Plateau –

Wildfire News –

Wildfire News & Notes –

Wildland Fire-Guide for Communicators –

Wildland Fire Leadership Council MOU –

Wildland Firefighter Magazine –

The Wildland/Urban Interface: What’s Really At Risk? –

Woods Ablaze –

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